If you’ve ever sat down and figured out how much you spend on coffee in a year, you may be shocked to find that it’s not a cheap habit. Even if you only buy a small cup of cheap coffee every day, you’re still spending hundreds of dollars a year.

Unfortunately, most books about coffee assume that if you’re making coffee on your own, you’re interested in the artistic, spiritual (and increasingly expensive) aspects of coffee. The truth is that coffee is not an art for everyone–some people just want to brew a pot of coffee that doesn’t taste like acidic mud.

Coffee 101: Coffee Shouldn’t Cost As Much As Books is your guide to making good coffee without breaking the bank. The book includes 50 simple recipes for spicing up a cup of coffee including Nutella Creme Coffee, Iced Coffee, S’Mores Latte, Frozen Irish Coffee, and more. You’ll also find information on how to make good instant coffee, how to buy coffee grounds and brew good coffee, and how to decipher a coffee shop menu if you decide to buy. The best part is that the book itself is $1.99, which is about half what you might spend on a large frappuccino at Starbucks (Don’t know what a frappuccino is? There’s a section on that).

Your coffee habit doesn’t have to be an expensive one–download a free sample from the book or purchase it on Amazon. Happy brewing!


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