My name is Emily, but please call me Em. Odds & Em’s is the latest culmination of several failed attempts at websites and blogs. I’ve realized that very specific topics don’t work for me because I have many different areas of interest: coffee, food, German culture and food, books, photography, the list goes on. Instead of trying to find the right niche for myself in one place, I decided to start writing about anything and everything that I think will intrigue others.

I’ve also begun to realize that blogging isn’t necessarily about shouting from your soapbox and hitting Refresh over and over to see if people are reading. So if you’ve come to my page from one of my comments, know that I’m genuinely interested in connecting with others and hearing what you all have to say.

So poke around (I highly recommend the coffee recipes and information, as that’s been my area of expertise lately) and say hello if we haven’t spoken yet.


P.S. If you like coffee or know a kid like me with two bucks to spare and an expensive coffee habit, check out my first ebook, Coffee 101: Coffee Shouldn’t Cost As Much As Books, available for the Kindle here. You can download an excerpt from the book as a PDF: COFFEE 101 – Coffee Shouldn’t Cost As Much As Books.


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    • I was looking for a way to make it so that readers could see the first few words of 5 different posts instead of scrolling through several full posts. If you pick a layout that displays post styles and then make every post a “gallery,” you can get the same effect.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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